The conversion of a vehicle to make it wheelchair accessible is a complicated and intricate process, one which requires extensive knowledge on how to best fit wheelchair spaces into a vehicle. We have invested hugely over the years in development and design to ensure that our vehicles are of the highest quality, and comfortably incorporate wheelchair accessibility with a family car. The TorSpring® ramp mechanism, along with the many different ramps and lifts we have designed, are rattle and squeak free. They are also lightweight and fit neatly into the car, cleverly hidden within the back bumper for your ease of use and retaining the sleek appearance of the car.

Our intensive mechanical and design knowledge has been acquired after years of research into how to most effectively fit the modifications you need as efficiently and aesthetically as possible. The customer is always the most important thing when designing our Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, and we work hard to ensure our vehicles are extremely functional for both the wheelchair user and the family.

We work hard on socially integrating the wheelchair user with their family in the vehicles.

Each of our vehicle designs are built to the highest quality, with the modification materials specifically chosen to compliment the original vehicle. The interior and exterior finish of our vehicles is always well-suited with the original design of the car.

Our aim is always to build each vehicle on time and fault free, as we pride ourselves on our efficiency that comes from years of research into the best way to effectively put together a sleek and inviting wheelchair accessible vehicle.



We are the definitive wheelchair accessible vehicle provider, dedicated to developing the finest wheelchair accessible vehicles on the market. If you want to find out more – get in touch.

Lewis Reed Group

With over 20 years experience producing and selling wheelchair accessible vehicles in the UK, you can be sure that we can offer excellent customer service with a level of knowledge that is completely unrivalled.