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Chauffeurs drive important and rich people around, usually in expensive cars, and thus they must ensure the highest possible quality of service. Their drive must be smooth, quick, and spend as little time in congested roads as possible. Let’s look at their 5 secrets to the smoothest possible journey. The first piece of advice: planning. To avoid ending up in traffic, plan a route that will be the least busy by looking at possible places for traffic jams. Calculate how long the journey will take, allowing extra time for unplanned problems. Look for toll roads and shortcuts beforehand, give your car a quick once-over to check the essentials, and keep a small bag of fundamentals in the boot in case of emergency. This isn’t exactly a huge secret, but it’s so easy to leave for a journey without knowing completely where you’re heading, without sufficient fuel? Furthermore, if you’re caught with a flat tire, a bag of essentials in the boot would make the whole experience a whole lot easier.
Secondly, always prepare a Plan B. Check the roadworks and traffic online before you leave, and have a second route ready to take if your primary route is congested. Furthermore, if you leave the house and stumble upon a problem, having an alternative route at your disposal can be endlessly helpful and save your time and money.

Next, it is very important to look ahead when you’re actually driving. Chauffeurs look much further ahead than most drivers, allowing them to spot problems quicker than other drivers. This means they can change lanes with plenty of time, keeping up average speed and avoiding last-minute lane changes – which can be especially difficult with a large Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. With some practice, looking further ahead will become second nature, and will ensure your drive is the most comfortable and safe for your passengers.

The smoothness of the journey is one of the most noticeable things for a passenger when being driven somewhere. This can be partially remedied by looking ahead while driving, but it is also a portrayal of driving technique. Ease on and off the accelerator gently, and steer your WAV round bends with small, gentle movements, to avoid jerking the car and making the journey uncomfortable for passengers. Feather the breaks when you come to a stop – this is a technique worth practicing, as it will remove harsh stops and jerking from your journey.

Finally, it seems obvious, but remember to always focus. While we are in no way implying that you don’t focus when driving, nor are we suggesting that you sit with a blank face for the entire journey, maintaining high focus throughout an entire journey can be very tricky. Road rage is a difficult thing to overcome, but to ensure you remain focused and safe in situations it must be done. Always stay totally aware of your surroundings, so as never to put yourself and your passengers in danger.



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