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Commuting can be one of the more unpleasant aspects of the working day, affecting millions of people every day. But for some, it is even more difficult than normal, especially those with a physical impairment which restricts mobility. More and more train stations are becoming wheelchair friendly, with ramps and lifts being installed to make life easier for people who would struggle to use the station without them. But the majority of London Underground stations are still difficult to access via wheelchair. And any added complications, such as cancellations or delays, only exacerbate the problem further. This means that an already unpleasant experience for many is compounded, and the commute for a wheelchair user is often far longer than for others.

All black cabs in London, as well as an increasing number of Ubers, come with wheelchair ramps installed. And some companies, as well as the government, offer a compensation scheme, allowing employees who have to take a taxi into work every day to claim the fees back. Generally, transport grant schemes have been invaluable to a number of people, who without them would struggle with the journey into work.

Now the government has pledged to increase the number of stations that are wheelchair friendly, and for WAV users, the problem is less severe, as their chosen mode of transport is already customised to satisfy their individual needs. The ramps and winches installed in a WAV mean that getting to and from work is a lot easier. But for many, the difficulties of commuting will remain.



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