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Lewis Reed are renowned for their unique design solutions. Our research and development is ongoing, constantly looking at ways to improve the wheelchair users’ experience as a passenger and driver.

We have created the very finest wheelchair accessible vehicles on the market by adapting our designs to fit seamlessly into the original vehicle while providing enormous functionality and a pleasing appearance.

Access to our vehicles is by the side or rear.

Rear Access

Rear Panorama Lift

Rear Fiorella F-Twister Rear Lift

Rear ramp

Our innovative TorSpring® one piece ramp is lightweight, easy to use and rattle free.

They are designed to be wide and accommodate larger wheelchairs and taller wheelchair users.

The ramps offers you ample room to easily manoeuvre in and out of the vehicle.

The AMF K70 Side Lift

Side Lift

This is a wonderful lift, ultra slim and powerful.

The operation of the large lifting platform is smooth and easy to use suitable for most wheelchairs including large electric wheelchairs.

This lift is discreetly hidden under the side of the vehicle leaving the interior unchanged. Takes up to 300kg in weight.

Raising and Lowering Air Suspension

At Lewis Reed, we use a lowering air suspension system that makes it easier to get in and out of our vehicles.

The cars can lower to create a lower ramp angle for wheelchair users and can also be adjusted to rise up to avoid those high bumps you occasionally come across.

Our designs are both practical and stylish, ensuring everyone’s needs are met.

Unfortunately eHybrid or electric vehicles don’t lend themselves to this facility yet.

Extra entrance height

We have re-engineered the rear door to allow for extra head room alongside the ramp with what we call a roof scoop

Front Flat Floor

If a wheelchair user would like to be seated in the front of the vehicle along side the driver then we ensure that the floor they are secured to is fully flat.

This ensures that they are at the correct angle to have the best view out of the car.

It also allows for a removable seat to be put added or removed as and when is needed.

Scuff plates

We have designed scuff plates to be added to the inside lower side panels of our vehicles if requested.

This helps when the wheelchair accidently hots the side of the car as entering and moving around once inside

Automated entrance

We can arrange for most of our vehicles to have electric side sliding doors , electric tailgates and automatic lift or ramp. All are optional extras.

Electric step

Optional strong and non-slip aluminium grooved step can be fitted to the vehicle.
Max. load : 200 kg. Weight: 6.5 kg.


The Flexi-seat® system on our VW Caddy 5 gives greater internal flexibility and allows the three seats in row 2 to fold up as a bench or be split into a 2 and 1 option allowing one seat to be used and two folded up, be removed totally.

This allows the wheelchair user to sit more forward in the vehicle.

Upfront seating system / Electric 6 way seat

We’ve designed a higher roof option for all our Mercedes-Benz models, and we’re currently working on implementing the same feature for our other vehicles.

Opting for a higher roof provides additional entrance height and significantly increases interior space within the vehicles.

Higher roof option

Built into every Mercedes-Benz V-Class and Vito is our unique upfront seating system.

This setup offers the flexibility for a wheelchair passenger to sit in the front or transfer to the driver’s seat using an electric 6-way seat.

Sure-Fit 200®

The new Sure-Fit 200® is a comfortable wheelchair tie-down and occupant system we have designed and implemented into our larger vehicles.

This has been designed to combat difficulties when trying to get the wheelchair users seat belts to fit comfortably with a changing wheelchair size.

As you would expect from Lewis Reed, this system is discreetly installed to compliment the original vehicle and has been successfully tested to secure heavy wheelchairs weighing up to 200kg.