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34 year old Martyn Sibley was recently voted Brains third most influential disabled person in the Power 100 awards. Martyn runs the Disability Horizons Magazine and is therefore often out and about which would not be possible without his Volkswagen Transporter wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) from Lewis Reed.

Two years ago, Martyn was looking for a new WAV and Lewis Reed was one of Motability’s recommended suppliers. Following extensive research, Martyn decided Lewis Reed offered the best solution and got in touch.

Martyn’s vehicle has been converted so he can either drive from his wheelchair or travel as a passenger and he loves how accessible and simple to use the vehicle is. “The back door opens; the suspension lowers and the ramp drops to ground level all by remote control which is brilliant. All I have to do is use the remote control, drive my chair into the vehicle, raise the ramp and suspension, shut the doors, clamp my chair to the tie down system and I am good to go”

The control system Martyn uses to drive his vehicle is called ‘Space Drive’. The system features a handle bar from which he accelerates while he controls the brake paddles with his thumb. While Martyn enjoys driving, if for any reason he chooses to be a passenger all his traveling companion has to do is release Martyn’s chair from the driving position and swap it with the passenger seat. Martyn then secures himself and his chair alongside the driver. “I love driving my vehicle. It is fast enough but also feels very stable and I feel extremely safe whether driving or travelling as a passenger. I also feel alive and love a good sing along (badly!) to the radio.

So, what difference has the vehicle made to Martyn’s day to day life?

“It has truly made a world of difference! I can now drive to meet friends and to attend work meetings which is so important for my role in running Disability Horizons. Since taking delivery of my vehicle from Lewis Reed I have driven all over the country and even to Poland. Without my vehicle my personal and professional life would look very different”

In his role as editor of Disability Horizons Martyn deals with many manufacturers and also hears about people experiences so how did he find dealing with Lewis Reed? “Everyone at Lewis Reed was extremely helpful and supportive and a pleasure to deal with, they even did a health check at my house to ensure all is well. I would not hesitate in recommending Lewis Reed to anyone who is looking for a wheelchair accessible vehicle for themselves or a friend or relative” concluded Martyn.

“We are delighted to have been able to help Martyn with his vehicle requirements. He is a truly inspirational person as demonstrated by his recent position in the Power 100 Awards and it is fantastic to receive such great feedback” commented Peter Scullion, Managing Director, Lewis Reed.

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