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Lewis Reed Group | Quality WAV Conversions | Michael

‘What a difference my new Wav has made to our life!’ – Michael Fulcher and his family.

Michael Fulcher and his brother were born 4 years apart and both with muscular dystrophy. Unfortunately, this condition means that both men always need to use a ventilator and neither men can do anything for themselves.

Lynn, their mum, one nurse and one support worker need to be with them at all times and so this predicament proves difficult at the best of times especially when moving from one place to another.

15 years ago, Lynn managed through Motability to obtain a Lewis Reed Volkswagen T5 Transporter medium roof wheelchair accessible vehicle with lowering suspension and ramp which they found invaluable. They liked it so much that they decided to buy it after 5 years and keep it for a further 10 years. Over this period, they have found this vehicle more and more difficult to get in and out of and needing more space inside. It was becoming clear a new better fitting WAV was needed.

Lynn went back to Motability and Lewis Reed and managed to get a Volkswagen T6.1 high roof transporter that gave them all the things they needed. The head room was enormous, so much that they could actually stand up inside the car making moving around and traveling so much easier for everyone.

Inside this vehicle they chose a double front passenger seat and driver’s seat, two tip and fold seats in the rear for the two carers and two lock and dock stations in the rear to secure both wheelchairs quickly and easily. This vehicle also was fitted with an easy to use a AMF Panorama rear tail lift that they found took up little space.

Lynn Fulcher said:

‘this car has been amazing. We can get in and out so much better, the rear lift has made such a difference and we now don’t bang out heads on the roof. We love it! We loved our last one too, but now everything is so much easier and roomier. It really is fantastic!’

Now the Fulcher family have all the space everyone needs. They are all very happy with their car and know if there are any problems Lewis Reed will be there to help them and look after them.