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What happens when a person’s condition changes, making their adapted vehicle no longer practical? For one couple, help was soon at hand.

Dawn Bailey-Hague, 56, and her husband, Peter, 64 live in Ulleskelf, near York. Peter has progressive MS, which has resulted in him becoming quadriplegic. He is also blind, and has both osteoporosis and severe sleep apnoea. Dawn is his wife and full-time carer.

“My husband, myself and our carers, are extremely happy with the delivery of our new second Lewis Reed conversion – Volkswagen Transporter high roof with a wheelchair position conversion.

Initially I called and explained our situation to Lewis Reed and asked if they had a solution. In no time at all Lewis Reed rang me back with a few ideas. In a matter of days a demonstration vehicle was organised and brought to our home with a lowered floor and fold down ramp.

Such great care was given to us to ensure Pete’s requirements were taken into consideration such as his extra wide wheelchair, his inability to bend his neck and the needs of the carers. Our problem was instantly solved. Quick and easy. Fantastic!

Lewis Reed have always dealt with us in a friendly and professional manner. The attention to detail and the commitment they have shown in ensuring their customers are highly satisfied is second to none… 100% service… thank you all. We would highly recommend Lewis Reed for any person who requires help in choosing a wheelchair accessible vehicle”.

To find out more about the full range of vehicle conversations available from Lewis Reed please call 0151 343 5360 or browse our website. You can also keep up to date with the latest news from Lewis Reed on Twitter @lewisreedgroup and facebook /lewisreedwavltd.