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With Lewis Reed, the possibilities and opportunities are endless. Sincere and warmest thanks from Amy and The Mayo family.

In 2003, at the time of her birth, our daughter Amy was given just hours to live, 10 years later despite profound and multiple disabilities Amy is still confounding everyone’s expectations. Amy’s many achievements over the last ten years, against all the odds, and the happy memories we cherish have only been made possible with the help and support of others and we include Lewis reed in that special group. We highly recommend Lewis Reed not just because of their service, product and value for money but also because they really do care and put customers first regardless of whether it is a special holiday, a trip out to the local park or going shoe shopping (Amy likes her shoes.) Adventures really do start with Lewis Reed.

Lewis Reed really open up the world of possibility and opportunity.

To find out more about the full range of vehicle conversations available from Lewis Reed please call 0151 343 5360 or browse our website. You can also keep up to date with the latest news from Lewis Reed on Twitter @lewisreedgroup and facebook /lewisreedwavltd.