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Condensation occurs when warm moisture in the air meets a cold surface, and can be caused by putting your car heating on or, on a very cold day, the warmth of your breath.

In terms of preventing condensation on car windows, which can substantially lower your visibility while driving, the trick is to prevent moisture from lingering in confined space. Here’s a list of ways to effectively do this:

  • Leave windows slightly open on warmer days, and close them when it’s raining.
  • Remove any sources of moisture from your car, as anything damp will release water particles into the air which will turn to steam and cause condensation.
  • Use the defrost button in your car – this is a function that will help clear your windscreen through a combination of heat and air conditioning, which removes moisture from inside your car.
  • Lastly, try the sock trick. Fill a sock with cat litter (make sure the sock doesn’t have any holes in it) and leave it overnight in your car – when you get in your car in the morning, the litter will have absorbed the moisture from the air and will stop you having to deal with the condensation.

Hopefully this list will help you deal with the condensation that is bound to be an issue during your early morning starts this winter.



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