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Whilst the technology involved in the production of driverless cars is still relatively new, it is expected to expand rapidly in the coming years. According to those in the industry, a future with driverless cars is a safer one. Driverless cars could create upwards of 30,000 jobs, but in some parts of the United Kingdom the advance towards complete automation could result in around ten times that number being lost. This would be reminiscent of a time where, due to foreign competition, factories closed en masse, and thousands of jobs were lost.

This may sound like a rather gloomy prediction, and despite claims that driverless is safe, many people are still concerned that, especially in urban environments or at high speed, the lack of driver is a hazard and not worth the risks. But the safer, more economical future envisioned by industry leaders could be more positive than negative. They predict a future with less car ownership, and, in much the same way as we use monorails near airports today, people will move from one driverless pod or another to get where they want to be.

The lack of jobs may be a problem, but for many people, especially Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle users, the prospect of a safer, automated driving experience will be very enticing.



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