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At this time of year, everyone is itching for a holiday, and if you’re a WAV owner it is likely to be a self-driving holiday. Driving overseas can be lovely, through new and beautiful places in warm weather, but it important to remember a few things to make your trip as successful and enjoyable as possible. We’ve put together a list of 6 things to bear in mind when driving overseas.

  • Remember that you’re not at home anymore, and driving customs differ in each country. It is important to have read up about the places you’re visiting, to make sure that your English driving doesn’t cause any confusion, or worse, an accident. Although the fundamental skills don’t change, it is vital to be aware of etiquette and differences in laws before venturing out into the unknown.
  • Be aware of speed limits – while in England our highest speed limit is 70, it can go higher in other countries, so be aware. In Germany, for instance, some sections of the autobahn do not have a speed limit, and while you might think that doing 120mph is more than enough, road users often go a lot faster than that. If you want to avoid places where you’re uncomfortable with the speed limits, or take a longer (and often more scenic) countryside routes to avoid the fast roads, that is perfectly understandable and definitely something to consider. Furthermore, make sure you don’t come to a sudden spot to take a photo or have a look at the scenery. You know how to drive safely, so do not let yourself get complacent because of an unfamiliar environment.
  • Make sure that you do not speed at all. In some countries, speeding laws are more strictly enforced than in England, and you definitely do not want to be caught having to pay a huge fine, and trying to negotiate with a police officer through a language barrier is beyond difficult.
  • Make sure you’re always respectful of the wildlife – in some countries you might be faced with unusual animals you have not seen before, and animals large enough to damage your car might run across roads suddenly. Furthermore, be aware that in national parks it is your responsibility to be respectful and to help preserve the protected wildlife.
  • Always keep your eyes on the road, no matter how scenic the view is. Obviously, if it is safe, by all means pull over to have a look at the natural wonders surrounding you, but as designated driver of a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle your only job is to keep your passengers safe.
  • Finally, make sure you have everything you need. A brief checklist would be that you need to have an international driving permit if needed, a first aid kit, a tyre inflator/repair kit and a torch. Don’t be caught off guard.

If you keep these things in mind, you’ll have a lovely holiday and probably see some wonderful sights, and, most importantly, remain safe.



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