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Spring is a wonderful time of the year; flowers blossom, the weather gets warmer and the fields are full of lambs and calves. Accompanying this, however, are a few added danger’s when driving on the road. We’ve compiled a few tips for driving your WAV in Spring, so you can be as safe as possible. During this season, farmers are under an intense amount of pressure and work very long days, so the most important thing is for you to be extra careful and patient while on the road. Most crashes during this time of year are sideswipes and angle crashes, usually when drivers attempt to pass a slow-moving vehicle, or when drivers do not realise a farmer is turning or stopping.

It is sometimes difficult for farmers in large vehicles to see you, and you need to ensure you always have enough room for your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle to get past.

During this season, it is important to remember a few basic things, and take them extra seriously. For example, you should slow down with plenty of time when approaching farm equipment or when driving past farms.

Furthermore, no matter how annoyingly slow it is, you should never pass a tractor or other farming vehicle unless you are 100% sure it’s safe. Additionally, you should always follow farm equipment at a safe distance, staying further behind than you think is necessary.

Sticking to these simple rules of the road will be sure to help you and your family stay safe, and have comfortable and pleasant journeys around the country roads.



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