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Jaimen Hudson’s love of the ocean and wildlife will be showcased in a new film about his life and work.
His incredible videos illustrate the southern coastline of Western Australia and the wildlife that lives there, with views so far of around 250 million. He uses drones to make his films, and now, 10 years after the motorbike accident from which he emerged a quadriplegic, Jaimen is going to get back out on the water to make a wildlife film. As the accident left him with limited use of his hands, he saw that filming using drones was a way to follow his hobby.

In his new project called ‘Jaimen Hudson From Sky to Sea’ he is planning to go out on a boat and dive. The film will show his journey from adventurer to filmmaker, as he follows adventure on the ocean, utilising the new emerging technology that will enable him to explore underwater, from in the water. The idea is that the film, which he aims to be making by July next year, will provide inspiration and break down barriers as it explores how Jaimen has overcome obstacles to get to the point where he hopes to be diving with great white sharks off the south Australian coast, adding a distinct sense of adventure to the documentary.

There will be a lot of training involved for Jaimen who has limited lung capacity due to his diaphragm not working, so there is inevitably a certain element of danger in the project.

Besides the shark swim, he film will document wildlife on the south coast of western Australia during the day and night, using drones and hand-held cameras.

“Ten years ago, my life just changed forever. When I was 17 years old. I feel like looking back I was just a kid really. Now fast-forward to having success in filmmaking and a story is going to be told about me is certainly nothing I ever saw on my horizons and something I’m very excited about and grateful for,” said Jaimen.

It sounds like an inspirational story of resilience and courage.


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