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It’s easy to overlook a few motoring laws which could result in points on your licence or someone getting hurt. Make sure you read this list of the top 10 most often forgotten laws to refresh your memory on some do’s and don’ts.

1) Fog lights
We all know that driving a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle in mist and fog is difficult and nerve-racking, but your car’s fog lights should only be used if your visibility is ‘seriously reduced’. This means you can’t see further than 100 metres, and should definitely not be used in light morning mist.

2) Snow on the car roof
This alone is not an offence, and is not guaranteed to cause any kind of problem to your driving. However, it would be easy enough for the snow to slip onto your windscreen while you’re driving, or slipping onto the road into the path of another car, which could lead to issues such as ‘driving without due consideration’.

3) Using your phone
A recent survey has discovered that 61% of people think that they’re legally allowed to send a text while the car is stationary but the engine is running, such as in a traffic jam. It is completely illegal to do this; in order to remain safe the law states that you must be parked, either in a parking space in a layby, a street-side parking space or in a car park. Despite you being stationary in a traffic jam, it does not meet the requirements and is therefore dangerous.

4) Stop junctions
Stop junctions are called stop junctions for a very simple reason, you have to literally stop. Even if the road is clear, make sure you don’t carry on rolling through. You have to come to a complete stop.

5) No road tax
Many people have, in recent years, become confused about the laws regulating the buying and selling of cars. A seller is now required to ‘cash in’ the tax on the car, and the buyer must buy new car tax before driving it. It can be done online, and must be done before the car is driven.

6) Splashing pedestrians with puddles
Splashing pedestrians with puddles is actually punishable, as it could be classed as careless driving. If you did this, a pedestrian would be within their rights to take your registration number and report you to the police, which could result in a £5000 fine or up to nine points on your licence.

7) Box junctions
Drivers are only allowed to enter a box junction if their exit is clear. Furthermore, it is an offence if your vehicle is inside the yellow box junction and stationary. You still must not enter a box junction without a clear exit even if an emergency service vehicle needs to pass you.

8) Out of date driving licence
Your photocard driving licence is only valid for 10 years, and failing to update it could lead to a £1000 fine – renewing it online is easy and only costs £14, so it’s really worth remembering.

9) Driving in the outside motorway lane
If towing a trailer or caravan it is illegal to drive in the outside lane of a motorway, unless you are overtaking an exceptionally wide vehicle, or if it is an emergency situation.

10) Leaving your engine running
Drivers are required to be physically in charge of their vehicles at all times when the engine is running, and leaving the engine going in the street while you pop in a shop, or warm up the car while you wait inside, runs the risk of a fine. If you leave your vehicle, make sure the engine is off and the handbrake is on.



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