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WAV users have a great level of responsibility when driving in gale force winds, more so than normal drivers. When the weather is severe, one must consider whether the journey is really necessary, but sometimes, one is unavoidable, and thus you must take extra care. To that end, we have compiled a list of tips for driving in adverse, windy conditions.

  • Make sure you pack well, so that you are prepared in the event of a breakdown, which, given the poor weather, could last for a while.
  • Listen for local news reports about road closures and the like, as the last thing you want is to be caught in a traffic jam.
  • Research your route, and make sure that the one you take has the least exposure to extreme weather.
  • Make sure you drive more slowly than moral. High winds can significantly affect the handling and breaking of your vehicle, so going slowly will give you ample reaction time.
  • Watch out for open roads, which offer less protection from gusts of wind.
  • Take extra care when overtaking. As you clear large vehicles, you can be susceptible to a sudden gust of wind, so be aware.
  • Hold the steering wheel firmly but not too hard. Because strong winds are not constant, an overly tight grip may restrict your movement.
  • Give more room to vehicles that get blown around more easily, like cyclists, motorcyclists and lorries.Look out for other vehicles, to get pre-warnings about the conditions. Increase the standard two second rule between cars to three seconds, to give yourself more time.
  • Avoid parking under trees or near phone lines.



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