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Motitech, the Scandinavian company, has created assistive tech to help people with dementia and the elderly take part in physical activity as they cycle through favourite destinations without leaving their care homes.

Using a video projection that plays while the person pedals a specifically adapted stationary exercise bike, thousands of destinations from Niagara Falls to the Yorkshire Dales to their own childhood towns are available for users to travel through virtually, while listening to their chosen soundtrack.

With both hand and feet pedalling options, the bikes are accessible to all regardless of physical condition and the technology is designed to stimulate both mentally and visually.

The benefits experienced in Nordic care homes include an increase in previously wheelchair-bound residents’ ability to walk with assistance, and a reduction in falls, and similar benefits are being reported in UK care homes.

Motitech’s main users live in public and private healthcare residences and in England, the company currently has more than 500 users.


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