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Should there be a consistent standard of training for people selling within the mobility industry?

When it comes to any purchase, we all hope to be dealt with by well-trained and knowledgeable staff who want to sell us what best suits our needs rather than simply what they want to sell.

In terms of mobility equipment, this becomes even more pertinent as there is a health and safety aspect to the sale.

Mobility equipment is a rapidly expanding area, and as technology for mobility equipment continues to advance, staff need to be kept up to date and well-trained in what equipment is available and what might offer the best solution for their customers.

But how can this be achieved, and does there need to be an industry standard?

Staff should be able to offer the correct advice before, after, and at the point of purchase as the wrong advice, no matter how well-intentioned, can potentially mean that a customer makes an unhelpful decision. At best the item may not be ideally fit for purpose and at worst may even be detrimental.

Suppliers, therefore, may also have a responsibility to make sure that they pass on correct information and training to the sales team who can then have the theoretical and practical knowledge to assess and advise the customer with confidence.

An industry training standard may be a way to increase industry knowledge and improve customer service in a consistent way across the whole industry.

Trained, staff would be able to deliver sales with a high levels of product knowledge, make suitable, appropriate, and prescient recommendations, and encourage good practice across the sector – which would increase customer confidence in turn.

Perhaps the idea of an industry training standard is worth further exploration. For customers to be able to rely on a sales team dedicated to outstanding customer service should be the goal in any purchase.