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Buying a brand new car is always exciting, particularly for WAV drivers – you now have a car that has been designed specifically for your individual needs, and can bring your whole family together for journeys easily and safely. However, while ‘running in’ a new car is not as essential nowadays as it was, there are definitely a few things to remember when you drive your shiny new vehicle. We’ve put together a short list of the main things to bear in mind as you drive off into the sunset:

  1. Allow your breaks to bed in – avoid harsh accelerating and heavy braking, and drive gently to begin with. If you maintain this for the first few hundred miles, you tyres will also last a lot longer.
  2. Avoid long runs at a constant speed for the first 1,000 miles – varying speed helps all the different parts of the car work together over the full speed range.
  3. Fuel consumption gradually improves as the moving parts of the car wear in, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t get as far as you wanted on your first tankful – your mpg will increase gradually over the first few thousand miles.

It’s vital when driving your new Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle to treat it well – it’s a substantial investment and a little restraint over the first few thousand miles can help all the parts of the car perform well together, making the car itself last longer and be more reliable. This will also help you get used to the feel of the new car, and get comfortable driving it early on.



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