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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles can be modified in many ways to suit your needs. Here are some of the various features available and what they do:

  • A lowered floor increases headroom and allows for a gentler gradient for a ramp
  • A highered roof increases headroom
  • A lowered suspension allows for an easier gradient for a ramp
  • A folding ramp uses springs or counterweights to make the ramp easier to fold in and out of the vehicle
  • An electric winch can be fitted to help propel a wheelchair up the ramp
  • A lift can be fitted to the side or rear of a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle to enable access
  • Folding seats can make room for the wheelchair inside the vehicle and can be folded back when required.


With over 20 years experience producing and selling wheelchair accessible vehicles in the UK, you can be sure that we can offer excellent customer service with a level of knowledge that is completely unrivalled.