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A new collaboration between Motability and Coventry University’s National Transport Design Centre is set to begin research into accessible transport. The focus of the research will be on developing original solutions to the evolving transportation requirements of people with disabilities through newly emerging, or yet to be defined, technology and solutions.

According to the university, the collaboration will enable doctoral candidates with disabilities, and those with whom they are directly involved, to train in transport design accessibility so that genuine experience as well as technical prowess is brought to transport policy and practice in the future.

Paul Herriotts, Professor of Transport Design, NTDC, Coventry University, said,

“We are delighted to work with Motability on this unique and exciting scheme, and to extend this opportunity to candidates who wish to undertake innovative research with us with the aim of making transport more accessible.

Coupled with their personal experiences of disability, this will equip them to be advocates for positive change.”

According to Rachael Badger, Director of Performance and Engagement at Motability,

“When the next generation of electric vehicles or shared urban spaces are designed, Motability wants people with lived experience of disability to be in the room.

Through our extensive research, we know that disabled people face challenges when using public and private transport, so it’s vital that their voices are heard, and their needs are met by transport designers in the future. This innovation pilot with Coventry University is one of the ways we aim to work towards that long-term goal.”


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