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Buying a brand new car is something many, many people aspire towards, but there are a few things that you have to bear in mind as you leap in your shiny new car and drive away into the sunset.

Whether you are looking for a WAV, or a second car, the same rules apply in terms of maintenance, but luckily, we’ve compiled a quick list of the basic tips that you need to know when it comes to ‘running in’ your brand new purchase.

  • Firstly, allow the brakes to bed in. Drive gently and avoid harsh braking and accelerating – the tyres will last a lot longer if they have an easy ride for the first 100 miles.
  • Secondly, frequently monitor coolant levels and oil. Oil consumption might be relatively high for the first 5,000 miles, but it should settle once then engine has loosened up.
  • As much as you possibly can, avoid long runs at a constant engine speed, for about the first 1,000 miles or so, as varied engine speed helps the parts work together over the entire speed range of your car.
  • Don’t be disappointed if your first fuel tank doesn’t take you far – the fuel consumption of your car will gradually improve as the new parts in the car wear in, and therefore it is perfectly normal for your mpg to increase over the first few thousand miles.

Buying a new car or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle is exhilarating, and also a sound investment if you treat it with care and have restraint at the beginning of your ownership. This will help the reliability of your car long term, and will also help you get to know your car a little better before you can fully exercise its potential.



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