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In the UK, wheelchair accessible vehicles, just like any other vehicles, cover a wide range of sizes and prices. However, regardless of size or price, all WAVs benefit from excellent safety features.

 Wheelchair accessible vehicles have special ramps or lifts that are used to enter and exit the vehicle itself. Ramps are usually more common than lifts and will either be automatic or manual. However, ramps do require you to leave enough space between your vehicle and the one parked behind or to the side so that you can fully extend the ramp for complete safety. Because this isn’t necessary for WAVs with lifts, they tend to cost a little more.

All up-to-date WAVs have what’s known as a wheelchair tie-down and occupant restraint system in place, so knowing how to use it is important for the safety of everyone travelling in the vehicle.

The wheelchair tie-down system (typically four or six belts attached to the vehicle) does exactly that when the wheelchair is inside to stop it from falling or rolling whilst the vehicle is in motion. The occupant restraint system is a seatbelt that usually consists of two parts – a lap belt component and the diagonal shoulder belt component which usually connect to each other.

If the safety features found in your wheelchair accessible vehicle seem a little confusing or even rather a hassle, it’s important to remember that not only are safety restraints required by law, they are there to make your WAV as safe and as comfortable as possible.


With over 20 years experience producing and selling wheelchair accessible vehicles in the UK, you can be sure that we can offer excellent customer service with a level of knowledge that is completely unrivalled.