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Currently, the assistive tech industry is booming and is expected to reach a value of around £21 billion by 2024.


Consumers are being offered more and more assistance to help navigate their everyday lives through developments in technology and the assistive tech industry is developing some of the latest most cutting-edge products, significantly changing the industry landscape.

The increasing number of technological advancements in assistive tech means that the industry as a whole becomes more inclusive by extending the consumer base and creating more accommodations for people. In turn, this encourages society in general to be more accommodating and inclusive for people with disabilities.

However, the potential increased value of the assistive tech industry inevitably makes it more expensive and, as only 47% of the disabled population throughout the EU are employed and earning incomes with which to afford new tech products, the increased value of the industry could counter-productively result in reduced accessibility to the products from the very people it is seeking to support.

Nevertheless, by expanding the applications of products within the tech industries the sector expands its advancements and developments overall, creating a continuing spiral of new advances and applications.  Inevitably, this leads to increased business and income into the industry, increased numbers of consumers and increased inclusivity.



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