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Transferring from wheelchair to car can be helped by using a few adaptations.

A transfer board, possibly used with a swivel seat can be just what you need to slide sideways to and from the car if you haven’t quite got the dexterity and strength to swing yourself in and out. If you are helped in and out of the car, a waist belt can help with manoeuvring and if you put your feet go onto a turning disc this can help your assistant swivel you into position.

A hoist enables you to transfer to a sling and then move across the seat of the car. You will probably need help with most hoists, and if your legs are long, make sure you choose a big enough car.

If your wheelchair is lightweight, you may be able to transfer into the car seat and then store it behind you or even on the front passenger seat. There are also automatic stowage systems that can transfer light electric or manual wheelchairs onto the roof or into the back of your Wheelchair Adapted Vehicle safely.

With over 20 years experience producing and selling wheelchair accessible vehicles in the UK, you can be sure that we can offer excellent customer service with a level of knowledge that is completely unrivalled.