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Angela Drane

Angela’s journey from the first Motability 3-wheeler to a state-of-the-art Lewis Reed conversion.

Angela Drain has been using mobility vehicles through Motability since the age of 24 but admits her VW Shuttle SE drive from vehicle from Lewis Reed is unlike anything she has driven before.

Despite living with Cerebral Palsy, Angela has always lived as independently as possible and having her own vehicle has been vital in helping her achieve this as she explains: “I have always refused to let my CP control what I do and this has in part been made possible by driving my own vehicle. The difference in technology between my first Motability vehicle and my latest vehicle from Lewis Reed is indescribable. My first vehicle was one of those blue three wheelers which only had one seat which would slide from left to right and instead of a steering wheel it had a tiller bar which I tilted left or right to change direction and pushed to break”.

As Angela’s condition has progressed, she has become a full time powerchair user meaning she needs a vehicle which she can access from her chair. Angela’s VW Shuttle SE is fitted with push/pull controls for accelerating and braking and a remote-control automatic tail lift which enables her to enter and exit the vehicle independently. To ensure Angela has good all-round vision a flat floor was installed as part of the conversion along with an infill step making the inside floor wider.

Should Angela not be able to drive herself or be on a long drive with a friend or family member and wants to share the driving, a transfer seat is located behind the passenger seat. All Angela has to do is release her chair from the driving position and move it into the passenger position. Her companion then simply places the transfer seat into the driving position and takes over the controls allowing Angela to rest. To secure Angela’s powerchair in either the driving or passenger position, a lock down system has been installed on both sides. Full details on Angela’s vehicle can be found by clicking here.

“I just love my Lewis Reed vehicle. The push / pull hand controls for accelerating and braking are incredibly easy to use. As some people who drive from their powerchair will know, when you drive around a corner, you can sometimes feel a slight shake which can make you extra cautious. However, I feel extremely secure in my wheelchair lock down system, the vehicle is extremely solid and the road handling is remarkable. Other features I love about the vehicle is the SOS button that has satellite tracking which gives me a priority recovery service. Should I get into difficulty anywhere, I can speak to someone from the car and can be found through the sat nav. The vehicle also has run flat tyres and an automatic fire suppression system located in the engine which automatically sets off a fire distinguisher if the engine were to catch fire. – the peace of mind this all gives me is invaluable.

Thanks to her new vehicle, Angela can enjoy trips to the shops and to visit friends and family with a renewed confidence and peace of mind. “I can’t recommend Lewis Reed highly enough. I have dealt with Greg, Chris and Kelly and they have all been an absolute credit to the company, nothing is too much trouble for them and if I have a problem I know it will be resolved quickly and they treat you like a customer as opposed to a disabled customer which is lovely” concluded Angela.

Lewis Reed is one of only three official Volkswagen WAV converters in UK. To achieve this certification from Volkswagen, Lewis Reed underwent an extensive audit to ensure it complied with VW’s Commercial and Technical Standards all of which it passed with flying colours. Covering all aspects of the conversion process from the initial design and build through to after-sales support the VW audit ensures every converted vehicle meets the exceptional standards for which all Volkswagen vehicles are synonymous.

To find out more about the full range of vehicle conversations available from Lewis Reed please call 0151 343 5360 or browse our website. You can also keep up to date with the latest news from Lewis Reed on Twitter @lewisreedgroup and facebook /lewisreedwavltd.


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