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Wheelchair manufacturer, Permobil, is enabling wheelchair users to access important information about their wheelchair, verbally.

The MyPermobil app now has a new voice assistant feature, that works with Google assistant and Amazon Alexa, which means that the real-time information can be accessed while out and about or at home. An integrated SIM card enables direct app to wheelchair communication.

Users can use the app to find out a % current battery charge, when the wheelchair was charged last, estimates for indoor and outdoor travel ranges, the activity of the power seating, and the serial number of the actual wheelchair.

In addition, it shows the mileage of daily distances travelled and has GPS which, when enabled, shows where the user has visited if they stayed there for more than 30 minutes. It can save up to two preferred seating positions as well as 30-day, 7-day, or daily power seat usage data.

According to Chuck Witkowski, President of Permobil Americas,

“MyPermobil is the most comprehensive end user wheelchair app available, and it does not require the end user’s data or Wi-Fi once activated.”

Director of Clinical and Technical Education at Permobil, Ginger Walls, added,

“Many Permobil users have conditions that impact their gross motor function to reach for their smartphone, and fine motor function to tap the screen.

For users lacking this dexterity to use their MyPermobil app with their hands, they can now take advantage of the many in-app functions with their voice.”


With over 20 years’ experience producing and selling wheelchair accessible vehicles in the UK, you can be sure that we can offer excellent customer service with a level of knowledge that is completely unrivalled.