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After the release of new concept wheelchair designs – it seems extremely promising. Technology is playing a large part on the design of new wheelchairs. Inventors are focusing on the needs of users as well as appearance, convenience and lifestyle. In the coming years, the following futuristic concept wheelchair designs will really benefit users by enriching their daily lives through technology and innovation. The two-seat wheelchair has been designed for wheelchair users who often have family members, friends or a caregiver accompany them. Research revealed that many wheelchair users are very adept at manoeuvring around obstacles, but what bothers them most is the way people look at them and the wheelchair. So, inventor Alexandre Pain developed a wheelchair that looks great and accommodates an able-bodied passenger. The result is sporty and vibrant.

The futuristic shape-shifting wheelchair has been created to adapt to situations and can change the centre of gravity. The user can overcome barriers and obstacles more easily by placing vertical pressure on the handle bar. This changes the round wheel to an ellipse ensuring that daily obstacles easily manoeuvred around making them almost non-existent for wheelchair users.

By adding electrifying wheelchair mods, the NEWS concept wheelchair invention is basically a gadget that makes any standard manual wheelchair into an electric wheelchair. Designed to lock into the wheelchair wheels and controlled with a joystick, this is an affordable option for those who are not able to afford power wheelchairs.

Spritely and manoeuvrable, the Lawrence Kwok Nimbl is a concept wheelchair design which is easy on the eye and is constructed with carbon-fibre. Specially made for home use, it is user-friendly, highly adjustable and allows for a smooth ride. This wheelchair will get the user around in style and comfort. In addition, thanks to the design-led approach, this wheelchair looks like a valuable piece of furniture and will stylishly enhance home décor.

The need for ergonomically designed wheelchairs is clear. Carers and hospital staff are aware that transferring a patient from the bed to the wheelchair can be a difficult task. The IX Transfer System wheelchair has been developed for frequent transfers. Its innovative design not only reduces or eliminates the risk of back injuries for caretakers and nurses, it allows the patient to ride in the wheelchair facing backward while a lifting mechanism lifts the patient and sets them down.



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