Choosing Your WAV

Here at Lewis Reed we understand there is a lot to think about when looking for your perfect WAV. To help ease this process, we have identified below a few key points you may wish to consider.

Vehicle Dimensions


When looking for a new vehicle it is important you can access and sit within your vehicle comfortably. The best way to see if the vehicle will work for you is to book a free vehicle demonstration. If you already know what measurements will work for you, this website provides access and internal dimensions for all our vehicle models. The information is located on each of the respective new vehicle pages.

Number of Passengers


On a regular basis you may only travel with a few passengers but consider those times you may wish to transport a large number of passengers. All of our vehicles offer a selection of seating configurations, so when selecting your vehicle consider the seating configuration that best suits your needs.

Number of Wheelchair Users


All of our vehicles have the ability to transport one wheelchair user comfortably. If you wish to carry two wheelchair users at the same time you may require a Mercedes Viano or one of the vehicles from the VW T5 range (Caravelle, Shuttle or Cruiser MKlll).

Type of Access


There are three access options to choose from, rear lift, side lift and rear ramp. Depending on your needs, Lewis Reed will help you select the appropriate access option.

Type of Chair


There a many types of wheelchairs and electric chairs available on the market. The combination between user and chair varies from customer to customer. Some users will be sat high in their manual chair and others require large powered chairs. As a result, the vehicle you choose will be, in part, determined by your individual combination.

Who's Driving


Give consideration to who will be driving the vehicle. Will the wheelchair user always be a passenger or will the wheelchair user require the ability to drive the vehicle?

Manual vs Auto


It might seem obvious, however, would you prefer driving an automatic or a manual vehicle?

Luggage Space


Consider how you will be using the vehicle on a regular basis and the types of items you will be travelling with.

Space To Park


Take some time to think where you will be parking your vehicle, consider the space needed to enter/exit your vehicle.

Lewis Reed Features


At Lewis Reed we pride ourselves on our unique design solutions. Over the years we have developed and refined our designs to make each of our vehicles the best on the market. Our innovative Torspring® one piece ramp is lightweight, easy to use and rattle free. The Flexi-seat® system gives greater internal flexibility to our Caddy Life and Caddy Maxi models. Incorporated in all of our VW T5 models, the UpFront seating system allows for the possibility of a front wheelchair passenger position.

Choosing The Right Insurer

Fish Logo

When you’ve invested in a wheelchair accessible or specially adapted vehicle you’re going to want to make sure you are well protected. You don’t want to be left out of pocket should the vehicle be damaged or stolen.

But don’t worry, we are delighted to announce that Lewis Reed have teamed up with Fish Insurance to ensure our customers can enjoy discounts of up to 35% on car insurance designed for people with disabilities, limited mobility or for those that drive for disabled people.

For more details or a quote, call Fish Insurance on: 0800 046 9860 and don’t forget to mention us here at Lewis Reed and simply quote reference 2484. Or why not visit the official Fish Insurance website.

Any Other Considerations


Vehicles can be tailored to your individual needs. Take some time to consider what it is that you require from your vehicle. If you have any questions about vehicle requirements don’t hesitate to call. Here at Lewis Reed we have dealt with many cases over the years and we always do our very best to help customers select the perfect vehicle.

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