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Driving your vehicle through winter can be difficult but following these basic maintenance tips should help get your car through the winter months reliably.

Screenwash – check the bottle and top it up regularly so that you can easily wipe away
dirt and grime from the windscreen to maintain your view.

Lights – check that all your lights are working and keep them clean. A blown bulb in your brake lights could mean a fixed penalty notice from the police, not to mention compromising your visibility to other road users.

Tyres – check that you have at least 2mm of tread to maintain a good grip in icy conditions. Though they’re not a legal requirement in the UK, if you live in a remote area or a location prone to extreme weather conditions, having snow tyres, chains or socks fitted to your car might be worth considering for even better grip and improved braking.

Antifreeze – check and top up frequently during cold weather conditions as it protects your engine from extreme cold. (It’s usually a blue or pink liquid stored in a reservoir under the bonnet.)

Battery – cold weather is notorious for reducing the strength of a vehicle’s battery so get it tested to make sure it’s fully charged (especially if it’s over 2 years old). Make sure that cables are firmly connected to the battery and in good condition.

Wiper blades – it’s recommended that wiper blades are replaced every six months but for icy or snowy conditions you might consider replacing them with a heavier winter blade.

Conversion equipment – remember that your lift or ramp will be exposed frequently during winter weather so check for corrosion and make sure your lift or ramp is adjusted properly and well-lubricated.

Oil – regular oil changes are one of the most important things you can do to keep your vehicle running properly and extend its life, at any time of year.

Hopefully, by following these tips you’ll avoid any unnecessary breakdowns and get through to spring without a hitch.



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