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Lewis Reed (WAV) Ltd is the leading UK vehicle supplier specialising in the conversion of vehicles to aid the mobility of wheelchair users.

We sell new and used specialist and adapted vehicles for the disabled and wheelchair user, delivering outstanding service to our customers each and every day.

We are well equipped to deal with the assessment and delivery of a wide range of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) turning your problems into ideal solutions – Nationwide.

Whether that be private purchase or advanced payment through Motability.

Let us do the work as we’re here to help you.

Hello, my name is Chris Edwards and I’m excited to introduce myself as the newest member of the Lewis Reed team.

As a wheelchair user myself, I am passionate about personal independence and mental health. I believe that access to a bespoke driving or passenger solution that is comfortable, beautiful and a joy to be in, is the cornerstone to this.

I’ve worked within the mobility industry for over 20 years. Firstly, starting with a bespoke wheelchair manufacturer visiting individuals and assessing their needs.

Then more recently I have worked for 17 years for Motability Operations travelling around the UK meeting individuals and groups providing guidance and advice whilst building awareness of travel and driving with a disability.

I have recently taken on the position of Mobility Specialist at Lewis Reed with my primary aim to contact solicitors, health professional, case manager and occupational therapists to demonstrate one of our wheelchair accessible vehicle and explain how we as a company can take responsibility for all mobility issues in your project management.

I’m looking forward to working with you as your mobility specialist at Lewis Reed and can’t wait to bring my vehicle out to show you, so please feel free to get in touch.

Lewis Reed Group | British Supplier of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles | Chris

Chris Edwards

Mobility Specialist


Lewis Reed convert a number of different vehicles and so are able to recommend which wheelchair accessible vehicle is the most appropriate for the wheelchair user.

We realise that everybody is an individual. Everyone deserves to lead an independent and normal life.

We recognise an essential role of being independent is the ease of mobility.

For many clients needing help with mobility solutions, confusion and frustration is what we are told they experience with not knowing where to go and what to do.

Lewis Reed aim to smooth those worries away. We are always at hand to help with a whole range of issues.

We believe your clients don’t need to compromise. We realise everyone has their own set of circumstances and everyone’s situation is different. It therefore follows that there are no two solutions exactly the same either.

We are confident we will find the best vehicle in the most cost effective manner for each client to best fit their circumstance.

We know how important teamwork is and appreciate the important role played by the respective groups of professionals.

Lawyers, occupational therapists and case managers. We understand the rehabilitation process and the protocols of case management in injury cases.

We’re happy to take responsibility for all mobility issues in your project management. Our experience is acknowledged by the Court of Protection, we are fully aware of how important client involvement is when selecting an appropriate vehicle to aid their mobility. We have extensive expertise and a proven track record in delivering mobility solutions that take into account the needs of individuals, their families and their carers.

Lewis Reed has a team of specialist advisors whose principal objectives are to provide mobility solutions for those with disabilities.

The specific areas of expertise are passenger and/or driver assessment, particularly those drivers and passengers who are wheelchair dependent.

All vehicle adaptations and conversions are recognised by governmental standards and requirements. We are also experienced in providing a transport cost analysis for each client to include the following:


  • Driver or passenger
  • Vehicle supply costings
  • Including wheelchair dependent occupant
  • Lifetime cost analysis
  • Primary or secondary driving controls
  • Equipment cost and suitability
  • Vehicle adaptation or conversion
  • Acquisition options and alternatives
  • Injury/clinical negligence
  • Independent vehicle and product feasibility reports

Lewis Reed’s Mobility Solutions will begin with an assessment.

One of our consultants will visit your client at home to discuss your client’s specific requirements and take into account the views of all involved – users, families, carers and professionals.

We will also take into consideration all practical and environmental issues including, their local road system, access, garaging and parking.

We will then put together a report taking everything into account. The report will set out our recommendations based on what we believe is the best and most cost efficient solution. We will then give our recommendations to you.

Once the wheelchair accessible vehicle solution has been decided upon we take full responsibility for the following:

  • Project management or within case management procedure
  • Vehicle selection, location, conversion/adaption and supply (at 0% rate VAT where applicable)
  • Full reporting procedure – client, lawyer and case manager
  • Follow up visits and post delivery service
  • Lewis Reed after sales maintenance and repair support service


Lewis Reed for complete peace of mind.

Lewis Reed’s after sales care is renowned. We want our customers to know we’re here to help long after they have received their adapted vehicle whether that be advice over the phone or a repair on a lift.

Our aim is to take the stress and hassle out of all the arrangements, organise payments, collect and return the vehicle to the customer.


We at Lewis Reed pride ourselves at being available to all customers in the UK.

We are here to help with a wide range of FAQs from getting back to driving to obtaining a blue badge.

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