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The design and development of a new vehicle conversion is a long and detailed process. Our highly experienced design team and technical workshop staff combine all the skills required in order to continually produce the best wheelchair accessible vehicle conversions on the market.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles | Lewis Reed Group | WAV

Feasibility Study

Before any vehicle is chosen to be converted for wheelchair access, our expert team of design engineers undertake a feasibility study of the vehicle.

Investment in the early stages is crucial in order to ensure the correct vehicle has been chosen for development.

Not every vehicle is suited for conversion and it is for this reason an initial feasibility study is key in the overall development of the vehicle.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles | Lewis Reed Group | Chassis

Safety Testing

Safety is paramount when converting a vehicle for wheelchair access. All our design solutions are rigorously tested against the highest industry standards. No shortcuts are taken when it comes to passenger safety. We pride ourselves on the quality and safety of each and every one of our conversions.
Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles | Lewis Reed Group | Engineer

Engineering Development

Once the vehicle has been confirmed for development, a vast amount of engineering development is required.

Key measurements are taken from the vehicle, helping to determine the working limitations. Design solutions are then developed from this detailed understanding.

In an attempt to make the vehicle look as original as possible, much of the pre-existing vehicle must be precisely re-engineered.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles | Lewis Reed Group | Welding

Vehicle Production

Upon confirmation from the governing bodies concerning the safety tests, production is ready to begin.

Our highly skilled technical workshop staff ensure each vehicle is converted to the highest of standards. There is a close relationship between the technical workshop staff, design team and sales team, as we understand that each vehicle design will evolve and improve over time. It is this attention to detail that sets apart a Lewis Reed conversion.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles | Lewis Reed Group | CAD

Computer Aided Design

During the development of a vehicle conversion, Computer Aided Design (CAD) plays a vital role.

CAD allows our experienced design team to analyse designs and ideas virtually before committing to manufacture. This not only helps to save on production costs, but also helps develop the best design solutions possible.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles | Lewis Reed Group | Technicla drawings

Technical Illustrations

We understand just how much a wheelchair accessible vehicle can mean to you. We also realise the importance of understanding your vehicle in order to get the most out of it.

This is why we have taken the time to develop comprehensive and visually compelling user manuals for each of our conversions.