Fit, Function & Finish

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Converting a vehicle for wheelchair access is a complex and detailed process. Through extensive investment in design and development, we are able to offer a level of fit that matches the high quality of the original vehicle.

We have designed our unique TorSpring® rear ramp mechanism to be rattle and squeak free and integral to the vehicle. It is lightweight, durable, easy to use and cleverly hidden within the back bumper allowing the car to retain its good looks. The execution of fit we are able to achieve is testament to our mechanical and design knowledge at Lewis Reed.


When developing a vehicle for conversion you, the customer, are always at the forefront of our thought process. We take great pride in being able to offer vehicle solutions that offer superb functionality for both the wheelchair user and their family.

Clever design solutions allow the wheelchair user to be socially integrated with their family whilst secured within any of our vehicles.


We pride ourselves on product quality, each vehicle we build is finished to the highest standard. We select materials that complement the original vehicle.

Leaving the interior and exterior finish in keeping with the original design and making it aesthetically pleasing. We endeavour to deliver each and every vehicle we build on time, fault free.