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Able to configure a car? Why not your wheelchair?

17th Jul 2018
Posted by: Lewis Reed

Manufacturer of high-spec manual wheelchairs, Progeo, has launched a new online feature which allows people to customise elements of their wheelchair and see how it looks in real-time, much like a car manufacturer, prior to placing an order.

The configurator allows users to choose different options relating to a Progeo wheelchair, including measurements, armrests, backrests and colours, and see how it changes the look of a three-dimensional representation of the model.
After a customer has configurated their chair to their ideal specifications and dimensions, the user is able to print off the configuration and visit a dealer to make an order.

According to Progeo, the configurator is comparable to similar online tools available from car manufacturers, highlighting that the program was created in such a way as to reduce the possibility of error for customers.

It seems an eminently sensible process – and a wake-up call to standard dimension wheelchair manufacturers – to allow for a customised chair, as individual as the person who is using it.



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