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In heavy rain, roads become much less safe for drivers. Furthermore, due to the added size and weight of your WAV, it is important to be well aware of all safety tips that might help you when driving in heavy rain. Here are some hints and tips that are essential to driving your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle in heavy rain.

  • Primarily, if the weather is really bad, try not to drive at all. Although some journeys are essential, it is important to avoid unnecessary trips until the weather has calmed down.
  • Slow down, as speed limits are made for clear weather, and it is vital to slow down when the weather is bad. Furthermore, your stopping distance is significantly less in the rain than in clear weather, so you should leave at least 5 seconds of distance between you and the car in front of you.
  • Turn on your lights. It is vital to make sure people can see you through heavy rain and fog, even if it means turning your lights on in the day. An easy rule is that if your windscreen wipers are on, so should your lights be.
  • Avoid using cruise control in bad weather, as in the rain it can actually cause drivers to lose control.
  • Do not drive through puddles that are too deep. If you can no longer see the road markings then the puddle is too deep to drive through. It is very easy to lose control or get water in your engine.
  • Stay away from areas where there are known adverse conditions, and if a tricky area is unavoidable, make sure you pack blankets, appropriate clothing and refreshments, and ensure your tank is full in case you get stuck.
  • Lastly, keep your mobile phone charged in case of an emergence at all times when driving through difficult conditions, or make sure you have a charger in the car.

If you keep to these rules while on the road, you’ll drastically lower your chances of being in an accident and you’ll keep yourself and your passengers safe. It may be an inconvenience, but often it is a necessity.



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