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For people who suffer from a disability, it can be challenging to travel around with freedom, but this new system called UberWAV is there to help disabled people access a taxi very easily.
If you’re someone who does not have access to a WAV, or if you do not have someone to drive it, then it is definitely worth a try. Firstly, you can just download the app on your mobile phone. It is free from the app store, and is very easy to use once downloaded. You must make sure that you have allowed the app access to your location, and allowing notifications are helpful for updates on the location of your taxi.

From there, just enter your destination into the bar at the top of the app. Once you have a profile set up, you will have a list of frequently used destinations to avoid having the type in the same address every time.

Next, choose the UberWAV option, at the bottom of the app. You scroll through the different Uber options before you choose your vehicle, and UberWAV is located on the far right, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t see it – simply scroll to the right.

Once this is chosen, you just have to choose your payment option and request your ride. Unfortunately, to ensure that a driver is available to you when you need them, you can’t ask for rides on demand, and should probably schedule your ride for a few hours beforehand.

At the moment there are a limited number of wheelchair accessible vehicle taxis available, but Uber is partnering up with different transport services to offer more availability for disabled customers. If this is something that you think would benefit you, it’s definitely worth looking into.



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