Amanda Von Rooyner

Outstanding service from Lewis Reed. We would have no hesitation in recommending the company to others who are considering having a wheelchair accessible vehicle conversion.

We recently took delivery of our wheelchair adapted VW Transporter 1.9 Tdi manual 84ps. This is the basic model, which has air-conditioning, and rear heating fitted as standard. We had privacy glass – for practicality reasons – and wheel trims – which give the Transporter a far more upmarket appearance – added as optional extras. The vehicle’s height is 1970 mm, width 1904 mm and length are 4892 mm. The vehicle has lateral sliding on both sides. The main loading door is the lateral sliding door situated behind the front passenger and has a height of 1268 mm and a width of. 1020 mm. We opted for rear doors rather than a hatch door.

We received the car through Motability Operations, but Lewis Reed undertook all the conversion work, which consisted of a single driver’s seat and upfront wheelchair position. The middle row has one seat situated directly behind the driver. The third row is a triple bench seat. The vehicle is fitted with dashboard air conditioning and a rear heater, wheel trims, privacy glass, side access lift and lash-down straps situated in the boot area for miscellaneous items. The side lift extends approx 1.3m from the side of the vehicle when fully opened, and is operated with a hand held remote control. Lewis Reed kindly added an extra 12v plug-in socket in the rear of the Transporter for the use of a cooler box, to enable us to keep medications/food hot and/or cold.

Financially, this specification was covered by Motability Grants and Lewis Reed, leaving a single payment of £200.00 for us to cover together, with my high rate portion of Motability allowance. We have had the Transporter for ten months, have done 5500 miles and are very pleased with it. The height makes viewing for the wheelchair user in the upfront position easy and enjoyable. We use the vehicle mainly for pleasure and have done one long distance trip to Scotland. The ample loading space makes travelling with a lot of equipment a pleasure! Our passengers in the rear bench seat were impressed with leg room and the ride comfort. Before the advent of the Transporter into our lives, any outing had to be thought about twice due to the trauma of lifting me in and out of the wheelchair into the car seat. Now we look forward to each new opportunity to spend days out and about with excitement rather than dread! The ease of access into the vehicle, together with the fact that I do not have to be transferred out of my wheelchair, has brought about a very positive improvement in quality of life.

We received outstanding service from Lewis Reed throughout our dealings with them. Every aspect of the conversion is of an excellent standard with not even the smallest detail being overlooked. From our initial contact with Lewis Reed we have been greatly impressed. The vehicle was demonstrated to us on two different occasions in a highly professional manner, as was the delivery demonstration.

The staff at Lewis Reed were always courteous and efficient. Our grateful appreciation in particular must go to Christian Halsall, Sales Manager, who did everything in his power to always be on hand to answer our questions – and there were many – and to ensure that everything that was required was supplied in a courteous and friendly manner. His genuine and professional attitude makes him an asset to his organisation.

We would have no hesitation in recommending the company to others who are considering having a wheelchair accessible vehicle conversion.

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